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Find your seat at the table



The mission of The Harkness House is to give every student a seat at the table where we inspire intrinsic curiosity, foster individual creativity, and promote intellectual rigor.

Our mission is not a statement that we have written only to forget. It is built on a robust philosophy of education, and it drives our practice every day.

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We believe that education is a creative task, and successful education respects students as essential creators. We believe that in order to be fully engaged in this creative process, students must be given real autonomy that can only be fully realized in a small class setting.

We believe that the most important people in our classrooms are the individual learners.




True discovery does not come from repetitive learning of a boxed curriculum. True discovery comes from exploring the knowledge and skills that inspire our students' curiosity and ignite their creativity.

Our mission and philosophy direct our practice every day. We cap our classes at 12 students, and our curriculum is built in a collaborative process with the students at the table.

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