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Harkness Home Education

Harkness Home Education programs are in-person classes for students ages 10-15 offered at The Harkness House. We extend our mission to give every student a seat at the table by welcoming learners and their families who have chosen a non-traditional path for education. We believe in student agency and self-directed learning, and we place a high value on the time that students spend learning outside of the school setting. 


We offer homeschoolers and unschoolers several in-person learning options--from 2-day and 4-day programs to a la carte courses--that fit their schedules. Through Harkness Home Education, we engage homeschooled students in the unique educational experiences that The Harkness House offers while respecting their choices to pursue a variety of other educational opportunities.

Home Education Programs & Services

All program prices include drop-off service at no additional cost. We welcome parent volunteers any time, but we also understand that many families have scheduling needs that require drop-off flexibility for their home education programs. 


All courses include documentation of successful course completion for all students. Additionally, our 2- and 4-Day Programs include one free annual home education portfolio review, which can be used to fulfill the evaluation requirement under New Hampshire RSA 193-A:6. Portfolio reviews for students attending a la carte courses can be purchased for an additional fee of $50. 

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